About the RIP

  • The Royal Institute of Philosophy aims to promote the study and discussion of philosophy and original work in it through its journals, by arranging and sponsoring programmes of lectures and conferences, supporting philosophy in schools and helping to fund philosophy postgraduates.
  • Philosophy, edited by Professor Anthony O'Hear, is published quarterly by the Cambridge University Press and sent to all members of the Institute. It includes articles, discussions and book reviews by contributors who take care to make themselves understood to the serious non-specialist reader, and to avoid both needless technicality and condescension. It is subscribed to internationally by over 2,000 individuals and libraries.
  • The editorial policy of Philosophy and the planning policy for lecture and conference programmes is to promote the study of philosophy in all its branches: logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics and social and political philosophy, as well as the philosophies of science, religion, history, education, mind and language. The Institute is not committed to any school or method but aims to provide a forum for the rational discussion of all these fields as well as related inter-disciplinary topics.
  • For membership information, click here. Membership is limited to individuals. Societies should subscribe to the Journal through the publishers, the Cambridge University Press. Details of a reduced subscription for schools and colleges of further education can be obtained from the Secretary of the Institute.


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