Think is edited by Stephen Law and published three times each year.   The central aim of Think is to provide to a very wide audience – including schools, colleges and the general public – highly accessible and engaging writing by philosophers pre-eminent in their fields. 

Think also aims to undermine the popular impression that philosophy is pointless and wholly detached from everyday life. Its contributors sometimes expose some of the bad philosophy which currently passes as accepted wisdom in certain circles (e.g. religious, scientific, anthropological, etc).  Perhaps most importantly, Think gives contemporary philosophers the chance to help nurture and encourage philosophy’s next generation.

Recent articles include: 

  • P M S Hacker, ‘What is a Philosophical Problem?’
  • Antony Flew, ‘My “Conversion”’
  • Brad Hooker, ‘The Golden Rule’
  • Fred Dretske, ‘Mental Causation’
  • Nigel Warburton, ‘The Gambler’s Argument’
  • Jenny Teichman, ‘Darwin, Malthus and Professor Jones’
  • Richard Dawkins, ‘Richard Swinburne’s Is There a God?
  • Mary Midgley, ‘How Real Are You?’
  • Simon Blackburn, ‘Relatively Speaking’
  • Mary Warnock, ‘Genetic Engineering and What is Natural’

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You can read sample articles HERE.

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